Monday, December 4, 2017


photosensitive fabric, flat objects, polyester fiberfill, perle cottons, and the sun

We are getting close to the end of the 2016-2017 school year posts,
and every year it takes me longer and longer to finish.
So I just wanted to put out a great big thank you to last year's kids, 
and also to this year's students who are waiting so patiently to see their art on the blog.

These gorgeous pillows are the 4th Quarter Final projects of my talented 3-D Beginners.
They all really enjoyed this assignment 
and the results they were able to achieve with this fairly expensive photosensitive fabric
were a valuable learning experience.
I order it from Dharma Trading and even though they have the lowest prices,
it still costs a bundle per student.
But I feel the amount of effort they put into them 
along with their creative embellishments are so worth it.

This first beauty is the work of 8th grader Selina Luo.
She is really able to show off her design & embroidery skills here.

Junior Margaret Yu,
who has had impeccable craftsmanship skills since the 7th grade Art Wheel class,
 created this next one.
We all loved both her solar design and her delicate embroidery.

Next we have 11th grader Samantha Tan
doing this impressive crest in a striking Primary Color Scheme.

Senior Sara Woo made this very soft and feminine piece above
while 8th grader James Lara created a tribute to singer Prince below.

And we end with junior Lynette Lee's incredible pillow.
I was so sad to know that she wasn't able to sign up for the 2nd year of 3-d,
but then realized at the beginning of this year I was able to get her as my T.A.
because her schedule got goofed up.
With her ridiculous artistic talent,
she has been invaluable to me.
I have been able to entrust her with my most difficult and challenging art projects
that needed my attention,
but that I didn't have time to get to.
She has strung the group chime assignment from last year 
so that we can gift it to one of our dear staff at Xmas.
She is carving rubber stamps with tiny intricate designs for the 7th graders to stamp with,
and right now I have her watercoloring my porcelain clay Xmas gifts I made for the staff.
Lynette has the lightest touch and a terrific color sense.
Everything I give her to do turns into a work of art.
Santa is going to be very good to her this year.
hee hee.
And I feel very blessed to get to work with her again .
Thank you Lynette for all the help and effort you give me everyday!
You are very precious to me.

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  1. Have you tried Inkodye? It's cheaper and can be applied to the fabric of your choice. It also comes in several colors. I've used it for solar dyeing recently and had great results. You can also use it in two separate applications (and colors) for a really great over-dye effect.